Sofiane (pronounced So-fee-ahn) grew up in a suburb town of Paris, where at 13, he began to act in the community theater.

Sofiane took a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles at the age of 20.

Once in LA, Sofiane got an offer working as an aupair.  While enjoying life in Los Angeles, he accidentally overstayed his visa — a mistake that cost him years of financial and legal troubles.

Determined to succeed after being denied entrance at the airport for overstaying on his previous trip, he started looking for solutions, while continuing to focus on his acting. He joined the Acting School International in Paris.

After 2 years of studies, he offered an idea to the principal of the school to create workshops in America, where French students would learn acting from American teachers. As he knew that it would be the best way to get a visa and go back to the U.S . They like the idea and created a student exchange program. BINGO! Sofiane was finally able to move back to New York to pursue acting.

Sofiane realized early on, that working on movie set as production assistant would be a perfect way to learn the rules of the trade and to break into the industry. So every time he saw a movie trailer, he would pull over his Vespa and would go ask for a job. His persistence and determination paid off when one day, on his way to work bartending, they were shooting a movie across the street, so he went up to the key PA and offered to host an all-night happy hour for the crew. “Sold”. After talking at length with the key PA, he convince him to get him a job on set and the next day he was working on the movie set of  ‘God Behaving Badly’ featuring Sharon Stone and Christopher Walken.

Sofiane has since worked on 30’s different movies, TV show and Commercials over the years following.

In 2015, he played a role on “PoetLove”, a new musical short film by David Paul based on ” Dichterliebe” by Robert Schumann and Heinrich Heine.

He recently played a leading role in a music video clip for singer Iyaz “Sleeping alone” playing an insurgent interrogator.

He also wrote, co-wrote, produced and acted in 2 shorts films: “Holy Shit” and  ‘Frenchie Comes to America’.

Sofiane currently lives in Los Angeles.